Housing Communities

Haram City, Egypt

We develop sustainable and fully integrated towns with a long term approach. Each project is built from virgin land, providing all infrastructures including roads, electricity, sewage and water.

In addition to housing construction, CasaOrascom builds facilities such as schools, hospitals, stores, cafes, malls and sporting clubs which are incorporated in the master plan.

CasaOrascom’s role extends beyond the development role into town maintenance, waste management, security and other services. CasaOrascom is a corporate citizen that creates communities with employment opportunities through commercial, retail, and light industrial spaces within our towns.

CasaOrascom provides mortgages and creative financial solutions, and works with third party mortgage institutions to help families achieve home ownership.

  • Launched in 2007 in 6th of October City, 20 km west of Cairo, Egypt.
  • Spans 8.4 million square meters of land.
  • Will hold 70,000 homes upon completion.
  • Over 12,000 homes constructed to date, housing over 50,000 residents.
  • Complete infrastructure network including electricity, water, sewage, roads.
  • Community facilities: schools, stores, clinics, cinema, houses of worship, sports facilities.
  • Social responsibility and civic engagement:
    • Ertekaa waste recycling company
    • Malaika embroidery factory
    • Banati rehabilitation center for homeless children