About Us

Samih Sawiris

CasaOrascom’s business builds on an immense and rapidly growing need. Between today and 2050, every single week 1 million people will move to the cities of the so-called emerging economies. By 2030, 3 billion people or 40% of the world’s population will need access to housing. This means a demand for 96,000 new affordable units every single day. The vast majority of urban populations is priced out of the housing market, and conventional building methods are not sufficiently scalable to address the need.

We believe these megatrends require a radical shift and a new global approach. We relentlessly innovate along every single step of town development, leveraging the best solutions and technologies available today. We create sustainable urban growth with a very clear aim in mind: to give families of all economic backgrounds the chance to achieve their dream of owning a home.

The task ahead is immense, but CasaOrascom’s 30 year track record in real estate and town developments places us in a prime position to help address the challenges of urban growth. We are here to shape the living standards of hundreds of thousands – hopefully millions – of families.

With best wishes
Samih Sawiris

Basic housing is fundamental for human development and the advance of society. CasaOrascom’s housing communities and residential solutions give families of all economic backgrounds the possibility of fulfilling the most important investment in their life: a home.

We offer families a safe community to live, work, and play. We believe that cities are more than just engines of growth, they are systems that should be shaped to improve human wellbeing.

We strive for a powerful combination: to shape the living standards of millions of families while running a successful enterprise.